We are happy to welcome our new team member, John Mwikwabe from Kenya, into the YOURS – Youth for Road Safety Team as our project manager for the upcoming Claiming Our Space Campaign. John joined the team earlier this April and will take charge of the strategic planning and implementation of the Global Youth Coalition’s art campaign. Learn more about John by reading on!

John has dedicated nearly two decades to working with young people in various capacities, including orphans and vulnerable children, those struggling with substance addiction, HIV and AIDS, peer education, community mobilization, health campaigns, youth leadership, young people with special needs, and as a departmental head and youth chairperson for the Kenya Red Cross Society in the South Rift Region.

diploma johnHis true passion lies in humanitarian work and helping others, having served as a coordinator for the Kenya Red Cross Society in Naivasha and Nakuru County for over ten years.

In 2012, YOURS trained him as a Road Safety Facilitator, and he used this knowledge to empower young people on risk factors associated with road safety in Kenya as he implemented Global Road Safety 10 Project (RS10 Project), which Bloomberg Philanthropies funded. 

During this time, he provided capacity building on road safety to various groups, including learning institutions, motorbike riders, public service vehicle providers, community first responders in high-risk areas, Traffic Police, local administration, Road Safety stakeholders, and partners.

In addition to his other responsibilities, he was also in charge of Road Traffic Crashes Responses and mitigation, participated in Local and National Road Safety Steering Committees, and collected data on Road Safety Crashes. 

His areas of expertise include Project Management, Communication, Capacity Building, Proposal Writing, Resource Mobilization, Strategic Project Planning, Community Mobilization, and Leadership Training.