The Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety is a united force of young individuals from around the world who are passionately dedicated to road safety. It’s made up of gifted, talented, and enthusiastic youth advocates for safer mobility systems who, through various spaces, actively engage with decision-makers at national and global levels. Committing to meaningful youth participation, the coalition empowers young leaders to speak up. It equips them with the knowledge, tools and resources to demand and deliver road safety solutions to reduce road traffic crashes worldwide.



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The YOURS Academy is the definitive online e-learning road safety and sustainable mobility school, where people can learn at their own pace and in an exciting environment.

Using a brain-friendly and interactive methodology, youth and anyone interested in road safety and sustainable mobility can boost their knowledge to continue taking action on the world’s #1 killer of youth.

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YOURS (Youth for Road Safety) engages in impactful in-country actions to promote road safety among young people. YOURS designs and implements initiatives tailored to specific regions through partnerships with local organisations and government agencies. These actions often include educational campaigns in schools, colleges, and communities, advocating for safe road behaviours, helmet and seatbelt use, and fostering awareness of road safety hazards. YOURS also conducts workshops, seminars, and community events, empowering youth to be advocates for change. By addressing local road safety challenges, YOURS, in-country actions significantly contribute to creating safer roads and protecting lives in communities worldwide.





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The “Claiming Our Space Global Campaign on Road Safety” is a dynamic and empowering initiative dedicated to mobilising youth, communities, and organisations worldwide to take ownership of road safety, assert their right and voice to safer streets and spaces, and meaningful youth participation in preventing road crashes, saving lives and creating a healthier planet. Together, we can reclaim our streets and make them places where everyone can move, interact, and thrive without fear of harm.







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