YOURS – Youth for Road Safety Executive Director Floor Lieshout will join the International Transport Forum (ITF) in a virtual event to commemorate International Women’s Day 2022. The session will be guided by the topic; Women and Road Safety: Are we on track to meet SDG Target 3.6? It’s happening next Tuesday, 8 March, from 11 AM to 12 PM CET. Registrations are open!

Transport and Inclusive societies
The session will fit into the theme of the ITF Summit 2022; Transport for Inclusive Societies. It will delve into the mobility topic with a special focus on how it affects more vulnerable sectors which include women.

Under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), road safety falls under SDG 3: Health and Well-Being. The pandemic has revealed how important mobility is for people while also highlighting how the transport system rarely caters to the needs of different societal sectors. The ITF asks what things still need to be done over the next eight years to reach the target of halving road-related deaths and injuries by 2030.

The topic will particularly be discussed during the Ministerial Roundtable happening in May and will provide input for the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Road Safety happening at the end of June.

About the event
The session is part of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) March on Gender Programme which features a series of events throughout the month of March that focus on fender aspects of different policy discussions.

The first session will review the current state of road safety at both global and regional levels. The discussion will revolve around the question; how are the needs of women being taken into account in the formulation of road safety policies? This is the session we will be joining.

The second one will address the issue of road safety equipment in vehicles that have been traditionally designed based on male crash dummies. The session will highlight how serious the implications are for women and will also look into different measures to address these issues.

Join the event to learn more!