Join the World Health Organization (WHO) as it marks its 75th anniversary as a leading champion in public health by taking part in its online campaign. Use #WHO75 and #HealthForAll on socials to help celebrate the progress and raise awareness of the health challenges of today and tomorrow. Share this historic moment with audiences, fellow champions, and different partners!

This story is published by the World Health Organization; 

Health on Track
We are calling on everyone to join the campaign by sharing their health-related success story on social media. The idea is to use an image comparison of a health issue you used to struggle with and how far you’ve come, encouraging others in their journey to health. This can be a personal story of your health progress or how healthcare has improved in your lifetime. 

Ensure that there is a contrast between your “then” photo and your “now” photo to reflect progress. Tag WHO (@WHO) as you post on the social media platform of your choice and use the hashtags #WHO75 and #HealthForAll. Use WHO’s template 

I Care/We Care
This is a way for people to share why they care about #HealthforAll. Simply share a photo of yourself and a short message on why “I care” using this template. Post this on social media and tag @WHO while using the hashtag #HealthForAll. This also applies to organizations and partners with the “We Care” template.

Simple and effective! We’ve created a collection of anniversary stickers celebrating 75 years. You can find them here to use in Canva content or you can search for them on Instagram to create a story. To search for the stickers, simply type in “Health on Track”, “I Care”, “We Care”, “#WHO75”, or “Health for All”. 

Have you ever stopped doom-scrolling and paused to check in on your mental health? If yes, then let’s use the WHO75 moment to promote calming Reels. We’ve created some exciting content for reels that focuses on mindfulness, mental health, well-being, and fun facts about health. 

You can find the original posts here to share on your social media.