YOURS is growing! With the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 and our strategic plans in place for the next five years, we are bringing on capable new team members to help support our mission of working with and for young people to demand and deliver road safety and sustainable mobility. This week, Kenneth Mulinde joins the team as our new Senior Communications Manager. Welcome, Kenny!

Kenneth is a creative activist committed to working with young people and ensuring road safety. He previously served in the communications and advocacy departments of different local and international organizations. His work revolved around other developmental spheres which included; delivering human rights-based programming, supporting youth-led struggles for social inclusion and justice, and general advocacy efforts for the delivery of public services.

In 2020, he got involved in road safety activism and began introducing hundreds of young people in Uganda to the world of youth-led road safety and sustainable mobility efforts. As a result, he has helped recruit a  number of youth leaders to the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety and he has supported a number of road safety awareness and advocacy campaigns led by YOURS.

As a member of the Youth Coalition, Kenneth has led two successful Local Actions projects that have empowered youth in his area to creatively express their demands for safer roads and more sustainable transport systems to local leaders. 

As senior communications manager, Kenneth is responsible for overseeing the creation, development, and timely implementation of the organizational and all project communications. In collaboration with the Project Managers and the Directors,  Kenneth will ensure communications are in line with the YOURS strategic plan and advocacy messages. He will be responsible for effectively communicating our impact and helping drive our project goals.

Welcome aboard, Kenny!