Marking another local milestone, one of the Global Youth Coalition’s Youth Leadership Board members Laura Daniela Gómez joins the Congreso Gallego de Seguridad y Educación Viaria or the Galician Congress of Road Safety and Education to represent the Youth Coalition last 19 May. Dani talked about the programs and projects of the Youth Coalition, emphasizing how they empower young people around the world. 

Galician Congress of Road Safety and Education
The Congress featured different forums on mobility, road culture, and public spaces. It also invited different representatives within the road safety sector to provide and discuss multiple perspectives to analyze ways to approach public actions and how to contribute to the development of urban spaces. 

The Congress ran from the 19th to the 20th of May and was held at the Pazo da Cultura in A Coruña, Spain. 

The Congress gathered local and international experts who spoke within the structures of four themes throughout the event. The themes include; a new model of public space, vehicles for personal mobility and road safety, new methodologies of education for good mobility, and international cooperation. 

Youth intervention 
Dani joined a panel called international cooperation where she helped cover topics around the experiences and international best practices on road safety and youth engagement.

She talked about how organizations like YOURS – Youth for Road Safety, the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety, and Despacio are supporting the youth movement by providing young people with all the resources they need to create positive change around road safety, sustainable mobility, and youth engagement. 

Dani elaborated on the Youth Coalition’s Local Actions initiative where she shared her experience of implementing three projects in the same number of years to promote and institutionalize safe cycling in Bogota, Colombia. She shared how she was able to access funds, partnerships, mentorship, and other opportunities that helped her impact local perception of more sustainable modes of transport. 

Participants of the Congress were also given the opportunity to interact with the speakers through tools like Mentimeter. During this section, the road safety knowledge of the participants was tested and discussed. 

Dani ended the session by calling on the participants to join the road safety movement by signing up for the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety. “Let’s claim our space!”