YOURS – Youth for Road Safety is thrilled to share an exciting year summarised in the 2023 Annual Report.

By skimming through it, you will be able to discover the big milestones and changeswe experienced last year. Some of them include;  

  1. An executive leadership transition after 16 years
  2. The reunion of the most active young leaders of the Youth Coalition so they continue learning and defining their advocacy plans
  3. The completion of a Youth Engagement and Infrastructure Change project in Belize
  4. The efforts in strengthening and solidifying partnerships with other expert organisations and governments to continue pushing for meaningful youth participation, and
  5. The implementation of 14 youth-led grassroots projects in 14 cities focused on Community Mobilisation and Awareness, Advocacy, Peer-to-Peer Engagement, and Infrastructure Change.

Despite the diversity of actions, the common denominator is that once youth are given the opportunity and support to make a difference, they will go above and beyond in the hopes of building a better transportation system for them to inherit. This is one of the many things YOURS is supporting, encouraging, and working better towards. 

Apart from presenting the work YOURS has done with young people, the Report also provides a sneak peek of a refined organisational strategy that is in progress (stay tuned for further updates this year). 

In 2023, YOURS worked with a wide range of partners and stakeholders who joined efforts with the spirit of achieving a common goal through unified efforts. Thanks to these contributions, YOURS has continued contributing toward halving road traffic deaths and injuries, especially for the most vulnerable road users. 

All these developments and notes of progress would not have been possible without our partners. THANK YOU, for your continuous support, trust, and guidance to continue building the YOURS organisation that young leaders deserve. 

Buckle up and get inspired by the YOURS 2023 Annual Report and all the developments going into elevating youth voices and improving the global road safety situation.

Happy reading!