The Global Alliance for NGOs for Road Safety is launching the  #CommitToAct #StreetsForLife Week of Action this week, starting Monday, 16 May. Following up on the 2021 UN Global Road Safety Week, the campaign is poised to mobilize civil societies to push decision-makers to make specific and meaningful commitments that will make roads safer and more livable for everyone.

Through the campaign, the Alliance is looking to implement actions that are proven to save lives, starting with implementing 30 km/h streets in urban areas. It also encourages governments and other organizations to invest in road safety, prioritizing budgets and recording how money allotted for road safety is spent. Finally, the campaign seeks to involve civil societies, including NGOs, in road safety decision-making activities that affect different elements of the community. 

Interested? If the answer is YES, here are some things you can do; 

  1. Download the official campaign signboards, have them printed, TAKE A PICTURE of yourself holding the board, and share them on your socials with the hashtags #CommitToAct #StreetsForLife

  2. Make a  short video clip, about 10 to 20 seconds long, where you talk about what makes streets for life or what action is needed to make our streets safer. You can use this video frame 

  3. Join the Alliance Twitter Storm happening on Tuesday, 18 May, at 15:00 CEST by posting your #CommitToAct photos and videos. Don’t forget to use the hashtags  #CommitToAct #StreetsForLife

  4. Go to the Alliance’s website and fight out other ways on how you can take part 

#StreetsforLife and #CommitToAct focus on implementing life-saving projects, initiatives, and policies around road safety to build safer, healthier, and greener communities. The low-speed interventions were framed as life-saving, low-cost, and achievable measures to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries and facilitate multiple benefits for health, environment, and equity.