3 MAY 2022 – YOURS – Youth for Road Safety has officially launched its newest interactive learning platform, the YOURS Academy. The Academy is the definitive online road safety learning school where youth can learn about the global road safety crisis. It takes all the best practices from YOURS’ award-winning in-person trainings and turns them into a self-paced learning experience that young people can access anytime, anywhere.

Road safety education plays a necessary and vital role in empowering young people. Through the YOURS capacity development sessions, young leaders are able to continuously develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities around road safety, sustainable mobility, and meaningful youth participation. 

YOURS Academy shoots from an evidence-based background and provides youth with access to information, motivation, resources, and skills that they can apply in local and global initiatives as road safety leaders and advocates. The Academy presents the data-rich modules in an easy-to-follow, engaging, and gamified format aimed to resonate well with young people.

The modules in the Academy are brain-friendly, based on realities young people face around the world, and is reflective of the unique ways youth communicate. It will also provide young people with the tools and information necessary to make the most impactful road safety projects and initiatives locally and globally. Later, the Academy will also serve as a portal to educate decision-makers on how to meaningfully engage with youth in road safety. This will support our mission of bridging the gap between policymakers and young leaders.

The first module of the YOURS Academy is free for everyone. If you’re ready to develop your knowledge and skills with our online courses, you’re on your way to getting closer to seeing the change you want in your community. 


Notes to editors
About Capacity Development @ YOURS:
 YOURS  – Youth Road Safety has a longstanding proven track record of delivering high-quality capacity development activities on nearly every continent of the world. In 2014 and 2017, we received two significant awards for our capacity development work: the Fundación MAPFRE Social Innovation Award and the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

Capacity Development is one of the three strategic priorities in our YOURS Strategy Plan 2021-2025. With the launch of the YOURS Academy, we aim to develop the capacities of an entirely new generation of young leaders with the skills and knowledge to demand and deliver road safety. This will enable our advocacy work to be spearheaded by youth themselves; creating cohorts of knowledgeable and powerful youth leaders, will inspire and energize the broader global youth movement for road safety. 

The YOURS Academy has been funded and supported by the World Health Organization.
Quotes about the Academy: “YOURS Academy is such a brilliant platform! It compiles essential knowledge that you need to know about road safety. I really enjoyed every section of the first module and was very excited to wait for the next ones as this was packaged in a very fun way! I highly recommend this platform to you as young leaders who are advocating for road safety. Congratulations and a welcome to the new road safety champions!” – Estiara Elizar (Indonesia)

“Congratulations to YOURS on launching this new road safety learning platform. The YOURS Academy will become the gateway for young people and decision-makers to level up their knowledge on the topic. The Academy is fun and innovative! I wish you success in educating the next generation of road safety activists” – Dr Etienne Krug, Director of Social Determinants of Health, World Health Organization

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