We’ve officially launched the second module of YOURS Academy today, September 28, in an online session with our members and partners! This latest module covers the Safe Systems Approach and the Risk Factors that increase the chances of getting involved in a road crash. The topic comes right after discussing the Global Road Safety Problem and Youth.

The Safe Systems Approach to road safety accepts the reality that human error is inevitable, especially for youth still developing physically and cognitively. The system looks to ensure that no child, young person, or road user has to pay an unacceptably high price for their mobility.

The module will explore the five pillars of the Safe Systems; multimodal transport and land-use planning, safe road infrastructure, safe vehicles, safe road use, and post-crash care. If these pillars come together, it is possible to mitigate human error and save lives. 

From this module and through our interactive, brain-friendly, and evidence-based resources, you – our learners, will be able to identify the key elements of the Safe Systems Approach and explain the key risk factors that put young people at risk on the world’s roads, and explain what steps young people can take to be role models for safe behavior on the road. 

“Humans make mistakes. Humans are fallible and so the system around them needs to be designed in a way that protects them when the worst happens. We also have limited physical tolerance for injuries, especially our most vulnerable members of society, and so we need to move from blaming to protecting via the system.”

Our discussion on the Safe Systems Approach and the Risk Factors will serve as a foundation for understanding why we’re prioritizing road safety and sustainable mobility. The module will also show examples of how young leaders and road safety advocates can take action against road traffic crashes.

The first module is still available to complete. It covers the global road safety problem and youth and will set the stage for the discussion covered in the second module. 

Learn more about the Safe Systems Approach and the risk factors that can influence your experiences on the road by going to our website!