It’s been three months since we launched YOURS Academy, our latest learning platform and the definitive online e-learning road safety school. We took our award-winning capacity development workshops and turned them into online modules that you can access any time, anywhere. Join us to take action against the biggest killer of youth in the world; road traffic crashes. Enroll today by going to

What you can find
YOURS Academy collates a decade of our global experience of in-person training in road safety into a digital format. We offer road safety information in brain-friendly and easy-to-digest content that will be easy to follow and interact with. All our content is derived from evidence-based research, reports, best practices, and global subject matter experts. The contents are also rooted in young people’s road safety experiences around the world.

Currently, the first module is available FREE for anyone who signs up. The module covers the global road safety problem and its impact on young people. It talks about road safety as a global issue with statistics, facts, trends as well as the human cost of road traffic crashes. It also explores why youth are at risk and how youth can take action to address this. 

The module is designed to be informative and engaging. With our facilitated style of teaching, we offer you videos, infographics, games, and more. You can take the lessons at your pace, pausing as needed or going all in and finishing the course in a day. Everything is up to you as the learner. Everything is just a click away. 

What do our youth leaders say? 
Our module is written with young people and is designed for young people. Youth leaders from around the world have tried and tested our newest learning platform and taken away important lessons. 

One of our youth leaders, Estiara Ellizar from Indonesia says “YOURS Academy is such a brilliant platform! It compiles essential knowledge that you need to know about road safety. I really enjoyed every section of the first module and am very excited to wait for the next ones as this was packaged in a very fun way! I highly recommend this platform to you as young leaders who are advocating for road safety. Congratulations and a welcome to the new road safety champions!”

Our partners also had positive things to say about the Academy. Margie Peden from the George Institute of Health shares “this first module on the global road safety problem facing youth by YOURS Academy is a great introduction for young leaders to learn about evidence-based solutions and how to be part of the solution. This course is both informative and fun and I enjoyed reviewing it! Good luck to the next generation of road safety ambassadors”. 

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