The Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety has recently launched a call for artists to participate in its upcoming #ClaimingOurSpace campaign! The Youth Coalition, along with YOURS – Youth for Road Safety, TotalEnergies Foundation, and Create 2030 are looking for artists to join an arts residency that supports young people’s voices in efforts to address road safety issues and help prevent road traffic injuries.

Art and Road Safety
The Youth Coalition is holding another art and road safety campaign following the previous Art for Road Safety campaign. The campaign, held last 2021 and featured artists from three countries in the African Region, was focused on using art to highlight the road safety challenges in each country. It also focused on getting more young people engaged and involved in road safety efforts through more creative and dynamic ways.

Through the campaign, the Youth Coalition seeks to shed light on the most pressing issues in the regions and countries where the campaign will be taking place. Through arts, youth leaders and artists will push to create a road safety message that sensitizes decision-makers about the importance of meaningfully engaging with youth in road safety.

The Youth Coalition is also looking to engage decision-makers at both local and global levels to use art as a conversation starter to present youth demands and relevant data about road safety. 

The #ClaimingOurSpace campaign
The #ClaimingOurSpace campaign is an art and road safety campaign that will gather local artists from six countries to use different mediums to tell their stories and share their ideas on road safety with the global community. The countries for the campaign would include; Argentina, Brazil, India, Jordan, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Through the artists, the campaign is looking to inspire the creation of different forms of artistic road safety expression from young leaders around the world. The contributions and submissions that will be gathered online will be combined to create six art pieces that showcase the realities youth face when it comes to the lack of road safety and sustainable mobility in the countries highlighted.

The art pieces will be presented in an exhibit at New York City during the High-Level Meeting on Road Safety happening in July 2022. Get the chance to have your artwork exhibited at the global level! Send us an application!