We have some really exciting news! This month, we are getting ready to launch our latest platform, YOURS Academy. Join us in our online launch this May 3, Tuesday, at 3 pm CET to learn more about this latest opportunity. The Academy takes our award-winning in-person training sessions and turns them into an interactive, self-paced learning experience that can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world.

YOURS Academy is the definitive online learning school for young people who want to learn more about road safety and improve their capacities to advocate for meaningful youth participation in the field. 

With this new platform, we will be able to provide global youth with access to our capacity development resources to apply in your initiatives as road safety leaders and advocates. We designed the Academy to capture your attention and engage you in fun and creative ways so that you can get the most from the materials.

The interactive elements of the Academy vibrantly present the evidence-based papers, reports, best practices, and case studies so that they are easier for you to understand and digest. We offer content that is rooted in the experiences of young people to reflect the world and realities that youth experience every day.

Get to know more about road safety and how you, as a young person, can take action to address one of the biggest global issues that youth face. Be able to use important information and data to increase the impact of the road safety projects and initiatives you want to implement in your country or region.

Join our launch to get a better idea of our platform straight from us and from the experts who helped make sure that the content and resources reflect the most recent and most relevant road safety data. 

The session is only for members of the Global Youth Coalition so be sure to sign up!