Our Junior Project Manager, Sana’a Khasawneh, joined the Road Safety Pioneers (RSP) NGO in an online session called “moving from paper plans to effective actions”. The session gathered different leaders from the road safety field so that they can discuss the challenges different countries face in implementing the road safety plan while also finding solutions to address the challenges identified. The session was held last Thursday, June 16.

Session: moving paper to action
This RSP webinar is the first of a two-part session. The second one will be held next Thursday, June 23 at 12 pm CEST. Each of the two will discuss ways on how to implement the Global Plan for Road Safety while also touching on the best practices from different organizations represented by the speakers. 

This first session featured four different speakers, including Sana’a. The others were Nneka Henry from the UN Road Safety Fund, Dr. Hafez Alavi from HA Consulting, and Dr. Alina Burlacu from the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF). It was led by Ali Zayerzadeh, the CEO of the RSP. 

The speakers talked about the different initiatives they are leading to realize the targets in the Global Plan. Dr. Hafez, for example, focused on the work they are doing for sustainable transport. He explained how modes of transport like cycling would have positive impacts on the economy, environment, public health, and transport and safety. 

In her speech, Dr. Alina shared how important it is to fund road safety initiatives in support of the Plan. She shared the different projects the GRSF has invested in to create safer road safety facilities around the world. She added that, at present, the World Bank Transport has 163 projects totaling $31 billion. 

Taking action
During her intervention, Sana’a focused on the actions youth are taking to address road safety issues in their countries and communities. She emphasized that it was high-time youth are involved in efforts to address their biggest killer; road crashes. “Youth are an asset”. 

She shared how we at YOURS are empowering young people through the Global Youth Coalition, providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to lead positive change in their communities. Through our youth leaders, we are slowly inching toward the achievement of the goal to reduce the number of road-related deaths and injuries worldwide. 

Learn more about the youth movement in road safety by checking out the Youth Coalition.