New York, USA – Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety Youth Leadership Board Member Estiara Ellizar and North America Regional Leader Jacob Smith joined a multi-stakeholder panel for the High-Level Meeting on Road Safety to represent the demands of young people to decision-makers for road safety. The panel was held on July 1, the second day of the High-Level Meeting, at the United Nations Headquarters. 

The panel discussion revolved around mobilizing all stakeholders to accelerate the implementation of the Global Plan and achieve a 50% reduction in road-related deaths and injuries. 

Jacob represented YOURS – Youth for Road Safety, posing a question for all stakeholders present on behalf of young people around the world. During his intervention, Jacob asked leaders about including young people in actions to address road safety and other development issues. 

“Young people are playing a massive role in pushing for climate change actions, as we have been doing for road safety. The youth will watch your decisions made today but moreover, we want to work with you to share our future. Are you willing to meaningfully include young people in your actions? How will you do so?” – Jacob Smith 

Estiara was one of the panelists of the session. She joined the Minister of Equipment and Transport from Mauritania H.E. Mr. Mokhtar Ahmed El Yedali, Executive Director of FIA Foundation Mr. Saul Billingsley, and President of the Foundation of Gonzalo Rodriguez in Uruguay Ms. Fernanda Rodriguez. 

Talking about addressing the biggest killer of youth, Estiara calls on local and global leaders to make the right decision and have youth represented in all stages of policymaking and decision-making that have to do with road safety and sustainable mobility. 

“Will you make the right decision today to ensure that youth are meaningfully engaged and represented in all decision-making processes that affect road safety or will you explain to your children, to your grandchildren in 2030 that you failed to seize the opportunity to stop the number one killer on the roads?” 

The sessions continued with other stakeholders. Other topics were around incorporating road safety into sustainable development politically and sustained domestic investment and international financing for capacity building and development assistance in evidence-based road safety interventions.